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Two Fer Tuesday

Posted by Matt on May 22, 2007


All “The Nasty Boys” strokes of genius are two for the price of one, today only! On to today’s outlook…

• The Cincinnati Reds won in an exciting fashion last night and despite his poor performance, some of which can be attributed to completely poor fielding by the Reds, Bronson Arroyo received the run support he has been lacking with any regularity this season and did not record the loss. It was an exciting game to watch until you realize it was the Washington Nationals and then you kind of feel bad for beating up on on the blind and deaf kid of the neighborhood. I am just happy that the win got us out of the .300s in terms of winning percentages (.400 exactly) and we are no longer the bottom-feeder of the National League Central, that title goes to none other than the Saint Louis Cardinals.

• Cincinnati Bengal A.J. Nicholson was released from the team yesterday after a weekend run-in with the police over allegations that he hit his girlfriend. This is the same player who went to Tennessee to rob a former Florida State teammate’s house a while back. On top of all of this, perennial criminal Chris Henry has allegedly failed a court-ordered drug test yesterday as part of his probation package and it is rumored that he tested positive for opiates. Henry’s agent has since denied the failed drug test.

Portis: No big deal if Vick hosted dog fights ( Me: Portis cross-dresses for press conferences, why are we asking his opinion on what the Federal Government has ALREADY DEEMED IS A FELONY?

Fairly slow news day this morning but I hope to have a few things out today and tomorrow. I am working on another piece about the Cincinnati Reds and hopefully something on the Cincinnati Bengals’ legal troubles as well as a little diddy on Cincinnati Red Javier Valentin. Also, I will be in attendance at tonight’s Cincinnati Reds versus Washington Nationals game so hopefully I will have some entertaining items on this little field trip sometime tomorrow. That’s all for the ten o’clock hour, as always, check back regularly for new content being added!


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