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Who Let the Dogs Out!

Posted by Charlie Hustle on May 21, 2007


According to the animal control coordinator of the City of Chesapeake, several witnesses will be testifying at a Grand Jury on Tuesday that place Michael Vick at the dog fights.

According to former Atlanta Falcon Ray Buchanan, Vick not only knew about the dog fights, but paid for them and encouraged his Falcons teammates to join in.

The following is an EXCLUSIVE obtained by “The Nasty Boys”…

This is a duplicate of a letter that arrived in Houston, TX this morning:

Dear Houston Texans,

Just kidding about the Matt Schaub trade. We really meant Howie Schwab, the guy from “Stump the Schwab” show. We kinda need Schaub back. No really. We’re not kidding. I swear our fingers were crossed the whole time.


Bobby Petrino

P.S. Know any good bail bondsmen?

UPDATE: August 21 – Check our comprehensive Vick coverage: Ron Mexico Gets “Olay’ed”


46 Responses to “Who Let the Dogs Out!”

  1. fuck michael vick said

    fucking ass hole animal abuse fag!!!!! how could u do that becuz u rich anyways u had to go blow ur black ass up fag!

  2. why would said

    the guy who wrote who let the dogs out or what every was right but you dindt have to go so far about him being black that had nothing to do with it ?!but yes you were right he should die in jail and the goverment should strip him for all thathe has and all that hes worth! *which isnt much

  3. Matt said

    Thanks for the interest, everyone. I think the first poster went a little overboard but I guess I can see his message somehwere in there.

    Charlie Hustle wrote this piece, if you were wondering Mr. Why Would..

  4. Jim said

    What’s wrong with you dummies……..I’m sure alot of you have done worst than fight dogs……..guess what mikes account is still fatter than anyone of you dummies…….why don’t yall get off this dude nuts……im sure he know he messed up but how haven’t made a mistake in their life time

  5. Bob Swerski said

    I’m no siant, but I haven’t done anything worse then taking a dog and strangling him, or drowning him, or any other man of cruel death. You are right, Mike’s account (I assume you mean bank account) is fatter, but that is completely irrelevant. Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, all had huge bank accounts, but that doesn’t make what they did right or just. On a different note, I take more of an issue with the fact that sports players and such think they are above the law or untouchable. They aren’t and they need to realize that. Vick shouldn’t be put to death or anything but he should recieve adequate jail time and take responsibility for his mistake.

  6. Matt said

    Hilarious rebuttal there Bob, Pol Pot…hahaha.

    Yeah, I have to agree whole-heartedly with Swearski, though, I think the worst I have done is beat my own microwave to death with a baseball bat in my front yard in a fit of drunken rage – I was convinced the microwave was talkin’ shit…don’t ask.

    Microwave < Dog

  7. Bob Swerski said

    Once while inbibing certain substances I mistook a wall for a Keebler elf and started punching it to give me cookies. That is about the worst I have done.

    wall < dog

  8. Sissie said

    I do think that you guys are going a little overboard with all of the name calling. Of course, Michael made a bad decision, but who doesn’t? Do I think that the courts are making an example out of him bc he’s a black athlete? Yes. Mike did the right thing by pleading guilty. Give him a little mercy. We, as people, are so quick to judge. It isn’t about what the judge will do to him. It’s not about what the people will try to say and do. GOD FORGIVES! Besides, take the spotlight off of him for a little while. What’s up with that gambling-ass official? My bad. HE’S WHITE!

  9. Matt said

    Thanks for your thoughts, Sissie, hopefully portions were directed only at those who have commented on race.

    We here at TNB have tried to keep our opinions unbiased and without name calling.

    As far as Tim Donaghy, the so called “gambling-ass official,” he pleaded guilty from the get go while Vick was still lying to Arthur Blank, Bobby Petrino, Roger Goodell, the fans, the legal system, and, most importantly, himself.

    Oh yea, Vick will “probably” get 12-18 months if legal speculation is accurate…I think Donaghy is looking at A LOT MORE TIME…

  10. Condo said

    I agree with you Sissie to an extent. But I think the real difference between Donaghy and Vick is what the public knows about them. Donaghy is a little known NBA official while Vick is/was a mega superstar that EVERYONE knew. This is why Vick is being talked about A LOT more in the news than Donaghy ever will. But Matt hit it on the head, the superstardom that Vick has is going to help him get a lesser penalty (well I believe any way) than what Donaghy is going to end up receiving when the sentences are handed out.

  11. Thank you Sissie. That so needed to be said. Well done. This country has always made the worse example out of those with permanent “tans.” I’m a dog lover too, and I am very upset about what Vick has done. I couldn’t imaging putting a poor, harmless animal through such torture. I believe that he should suffer the same fate as anyone without money.But the bottom line is, he IS suffering the concequences now for his stupid actions.He IS paying the price BIG TIME. He is pretty much the most hated man in America right now. (Besides Bush) But lets get real.How much does America (white America/Media) want from the man? I guess if we could bring back lynching they would be satisfied.

    Let’s not forget whats really going on in Iraq. Don’t let the media distract you from the HUMAN life that is being sacrificed every day. I’m sure Bush is responsible for more Human lives than the animal lives that were lost here. And that’s real. Where is the Justice in that?

    One Nation.Under God…With Liberty and JUSTICE FOR ALL! (That includes every color and status)

  12. Anna said

    Mother fucker, u will make black pple call u a NI**ER! Disguisting piece of shit!

  13. Bob Swerski said

    holy language… I have no idea who that was directed at, but I think you are CRAZY

  14. Matt said

    If this keeps up, I will shut the comments down on this piece.


    Feel free to discuss the race issue, fine, but no name calling and no racism.

  15. Matt said

    Thanks Real Deal for your intelligent thoughts.

    I have steered clear of the race issue regarding my coverage of Vick as I want it to be looked at as more of a personality flaw and I am not an expert on race relations.

    It is highly unfortunate that racism still exists in this country, I just hope (and believe it to be the case thus far) that race HASN’T played a role in this, but only time will tell.

    Donaghy pretty much got raked over the coals…the reason why it isn’t as big news is Vick was a megastar where everybody already hates referees anyways…

  16. Durty D said

    Mike is a complete DUMB ASS for letting this go on, on his property. I could see if he was just breeding all the dogs and not fighting them. I rather see him get caught trafficing blow then for fighting dogs. Mike needs to put that snitch in the ditch!!

  17. Matt said

    Thanks for the thoughts, Durty D, I think its a big case of peer pressure as well…a lot of the athletes are saying he needed to leave his “friends”…

  18. maikeru said

    I dont think he is a dumb ass i think all of you should shut your mouths. You dont go around talking about how we are abusing this planet. Or how we let little children die. If this guy goes to jail in the next 6 month to a year their is something wrong. DMX HAS NOT went to jail yet for dog fighting. Paris hilton and Lohan can get of with a slap on the hand. Driving drunk puts life on the line that could be you. Think about the judge he got and the judge them three got. Yeah someone put those judges there to get them off.

    now talk about how fare life is

  19. Matt said

    Thanks for the post, Maikeru, but it is a tough situation for Vick.

    I think its hard to justify one crime by the severity of another. Drunk driving and dog fighting are both dangerous and wrong in their own, different ways.

    I don’t know the details of DMX but anybody involved with dog fighting should be prosecuted. I don’t think it is necessarily unfair on purpose, Vick just chose to committ a felony in the fastest legal jursidiction in the nation with a court system known as “The Rocket Docket” and has something like a 90%+ conviction rate to boot.

    I don’t think anybody is getting off of much there regardless of sex, race, religion, etcetera…

  20. ashley said

    he deserves to die. i hate that guy. just cuz he can play football, its no excuse for being a sick piece of shit.

  21. Doc Hancock said

    I think the sick person is you, Ashley. He made a mistake and he’s paying for it.

  22. cory olsen said

    keep your head up vick.. everyone makes mistake god knows i have.. its what you do to learn from them!

  23. hit said

    all i know is he should never be able to play football again

  24. Matt said

    Thanks for your thoughs, Hit, and thanks for being civil.

    It will probably be AT LEAST 3-4 years beofre it could even be possible for him to see an NFL field again…3 being if he gets 18 months from January on and misses this year, the following season, and then the one that would start shortly after his release because he’d be too underskilled to play just then.

    4 seasons if he has to play a year in the AFL or CFL just to have an attempt. And this isn’t even taking in to account any possible suspensions from Goodell…

  25. Steven said

    I love how every time someone commits a FELONY people come out of the woodwork to use the lame remarks of “don’t pretend like you have never done wrong” or “don’t judge him.”

    Have we all doing wrong in life? You better believe it, but there is a HUGE difference in what MOST people do that is wrong versus what Vick did….. THATS WHY IT IS A FELONY PEOPLE….. HELLO!!!

    Let me explain the difference for a few that seem to be really out there with their remarks.

    Most people do things wrong that hurts themselves and maybe the person they are married to. Most people make small mistakes when they are teens.

    Most people DO NOT organize, own, raise, breed, fight and murder pets for the fun of it.

    If all Vick did was gamble some, then it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but add in the willful and PLANNED dog fighting and it is a huge deal.

    I think the sentence is a joke. He is likely to get a year in a federal prison after killing hundreds and likely even thousands of dogs. While I firmly believe that a human life is more valuable than a pets, I do not think that a human life is worth thousands of pets.

    If you ask me, they should get an idea of how many dogs have died due to this fighting ring and they should give Michael Vick a year PER DEATH.

    BTW, little off subject, bu this is a blessing for the Falcons. Vick was never much of a QB and the Falcons REALLY messed up when they traded away Schaub, who was their future.

  26. Matt said

    I agree…the argument that I have done something wrong doesn’t let Vick off of the hook.

    As Bob and I posted…

    wall/microwave < dog

    Plus, two wrongs don’t make a right and I have dealt with the repercussions of all that I have done and Vick should do the same…

  27. Vick is a football player not a saint i love dogs and resent Mike being involved in dog fighting but hey I am a falcon fan and we got some football to play. Lets get over it and play some football Mike has a social debt to pay think about him again in 2008 or 2009 meantime im not selling my season tickets.

  28. Matt said

    Thanks for the thoughts, Bill Burnham, and I agree:


    This article is relatively old, we have since ceased our coverage of Vick at TNB because its over and done with. He has plead guilty. End of story.

    I am glad you are sticking with your team. I fear that the fan turnout will be again in Atlanta as it was before Vick came and I HATE to see empty seats at ANY NFL game…

  29. andreaaaaa said

    Man i wanna stab u. You deserve to rot in hell. Ass hole…ps your black

  30. Matt said

    Let’s not go that far, please…

  31. Shelby said

    He shouldn’t of did them dog fights i can see if he had no money and needed some but he just signed a contract not that long ago with nike for a 100 million or more so yea and he was an awsome player he was my favorite but not any more.. he should get more jail time then 1 or 2 years it should be at lest 4 or 5 and then people wonder why pitbulls and all those other dogs attack people and stuff.. its because its people like him that make them like that!!!

  32. Not that this makes it right, but actually training pitbulls to fight other pitbulls make them very fearful and obedient to humans. It is a common misconception that breeding dogs for fighting makes them attack humans, but it actually is the other way around. Anyways, it is wrong and Vick will be punished accordingly.

  33. Destiny C said

    Wow. This is horrible. I feel so bad for these dogs. There is nothing we can do now but man if I could say something to that jerk he wouldnt like one word of it nor one moment of it. One thing is is that he admitted it was wrong but still I dont think I can find it inside me to beleive he really means it or forgive him. If he was a dog he wouldnt want that done to him. What a low person. I cant beleive the pictures i saw of some of these dogs it breaks my heart. R.I.P for all those dogs who were hurt by this and pray for Michael Vick he gets some freaking sense knocked into him. Ohh wait no hes probally rather get knocked up. What a jerk! AND HE USED SOME PUPPYS HOW HORRIBLE AND MESSED UP IS THIS MAN!?

  34. Destiny C said

    i agree with matt dont go that far about stabbing him and getting racist. please no.

  35. Phil Watson said

    Vick is an overrated quarterback and an overrated human being! Football and society do not need him.

    Guys, visit the below site and vote up the bag tags and pictures associated with Michael Vick. It’s really cool, because you can upload information or pictures about Vick and tag him with cruel things.

  36. Steven said

    Vick is a total idiot and people are now lining up to get a piece of his butt.

    I think it is funny and well deserved.


  37. mtm said

    get off vicks dic. dats wat happens in da hood. violence happens all da time. da world is not peaceful realize dat

  38. I’m sick of listening to all these people like you mtm who feel that it is alright to commit felonies because that is part of “life in the hood.” I didn’t agree with Clinton Portis when he said it and I don’t agree with it now. I think people like you need to realize that if you want change in “da hood” then you need to take a proactive role in changing it and not just saying “hey thats what happens.” This mentality reminds me of French philosopher J.J. Rousseau who wrote: “The first man who, having fenced off a plot of land, thought of saying, ‘This is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe him was the real founder of civil society. How many crimes, wars, murders, how many miseries and horrors might the human race had been spared by the one who, upon pulling up the stakes or filling in the ditch, had shouted to his fellow men: ‘Beware of listening to this imposter; you are lost if you forget the fruits of the earth belong to all and that the earth belongs to no one.” Maybe instead of just letting things remain the way they are you should pull up the stakes and begin changing.

  39. MALAYZiA said

    i think that everybody should get off vicks nuts because the press is blowing this out of proportion because hes not the only one that dog fights. even though hes a sick bastard and should rot in hell i still dont think he should be in jail cuz otherwise everybody should be in jail for dog fighting

  40. cheyanne said

    hey like i love ur do can i meet it bc i have one that looks just like it!!

  41. Melissa said

    You know what MALAYZiA you need to shut up!Everybody that dog fights need to go to hell!You guys dogs werent bread for this!God made dogs for love and care not for money!Get a life!He needs to go to fucking Jail he needs to die matter of fact!Go to helll!Ass whole!!!

  42. rich black man said

    Ok…ok…ok..sure mike vick is wrong…but lets face it everybody is wrong….(DIS IS WHAT I DONT GET) for example…white people killin deer?….deer is a animale just like a dog is…….so why is it legal to kill them?… it because the majority of people who hunt is white?….so if the majority or people fight dogs then it would be ok right?……or like they lock-up black people for hustling…..why?….if the shoe was on the other foot and white people didnt have what they have?….would it still be illegal?….like oil white people steal it every day….but why is gas so high????..white people hustling……so befor you down the black man yu got to think of everybody…and no im far from just sayin…it dont make since…now you all cant lie mike vick was and in my mind still is the face of the nfl and the falcon…people watched the falcon to see mike vick..everbody loved mike vick…but…he messed up once..and he is the badd guy…humm..i dot get that eaither… the only reason the white community is mad at him is because hes in jail and cant make money for them?…like blakc people in the street they are hated because we is not giving the white people any of our money?….hummmmm but as far as i see…white people is messin up every day..with other nations…not dog but nations..costing the U.S. billions…but…they are not in jail…see thats why i hate the community..who gets off on gettin on poor people who dont have what you have….im done The U.S. is corrupt……….

  43. Rich black man… Maybe you can spend some of that money and take a class on spelling and grammar. Poor English aside, there are many difference between dogs and deer other then white people hunt. 1) Deer are bred and raised inhumanely to maul one another. They reproduce naturally in the wild. 2) The deer population lacks any natural predators who keep their reproduction in check, so humans hunting them allows for this to happen. 3) Often times after the hunt, the meat is then eaten and used for food. 4) Hunting is legal while dog fighting is not. If Mike Vick chose to go out and hunt deer he would not be in any trouble. There are laws for a reason, and when you break said laws there are consequences. As for Vick, he didn’t make just one mistake, this was an on-going criminal enterprise. As for the rest of your argument (I use that word argument loosely here), I agree that the U.S. spends “billions” (it is actually trillions), on the war and national defense, but there reasons why this happens and these reasons fall inside the laws and Constitutional privilege. Anyways, you are an idiot.

  44. rich black man said


  45. The caps lock button is only like 1/10th of an inch away. Try pressing it so you don’t sound so stupid. Also, apparently you haven’t taken that English class. Maybe next time you open your mouth you wont sound like a complete moron (very unlikely). One more thing, I don’t know, nor do I care how much money you do or don’t have. No amount of money in the world would ever be enough for me to change places with someone who can’t spell or speak properly… or who can’t reach over to press the caps lock button.

  46. austin said

    he will pay for it by god these are gods animals and lord knows its wrong vick is an idit he will not play football again atleasti hope not

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