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“Runs For Arroyo”

Posted by Matt on May 21, 2007



I am a nice guy and I am all about charity work in my spare time so I have decided to start a new foundation: “Runs For Arroyo.” The only thing you have to donate is runs, and lots of them. If you think that you and eight of your closest friends can score more runs than the failing Cincinnati Reds when Bronson Arroyo takes to the mound, then your squad will lace ’em up. Arroyo has not complained about the run support, or lack thereof, during his starts but I have reason to believe that Bronson Arroyo hates his offense.

Taking a deeper look tells the story as to why Arroyo has the right to hate the offense this season:

  • The Cincinnati Reds are averaging 4.5 runs per game this season but only 3.67 runs per game when Arroyo starts. That is nearly a full run difference and even that might be a little generous as the runs per game during Arroyo’s starts are blown up a bit by two flash-in-the-pan games of 11 and 9, the only two victories Bronson has recorded. Without those two games, the Reds are only averaging 1.85 runs per game in the remaining seven starts for Arroyo, including two shut-outs (the only two shut outs for the Reds’ offense this season).
  • Bronson Arroyo is fifth in the National League in ERA at 2.64 and the four pitchers above him in the standings (Jake Peavy, Tim Hudson, Tom Gorzelanny, and Brady Penny) are all 5-game winners; Bronson is 2-4 in nine starts.
  • Aaron Harang and Matt Belisle have nearly an ERA of 2-runs higher than that of Bronson Arroyo at 4.78 and 4.59, respectively, and these two have wins of 5 and 4, respectively. How frustrating.

Unfortunately, Bronson also has reason to hate the relief pitching, as well as late-inning run-support, this season:

  • On two occasions Arroyo has left the game in a tie in the 7th-inning after only giving up 2 runs and 1 run, respectively, only to have the Reds’ Bullpen’s late-inning heroics in managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory spoil his performance.
  • In a game against the Houston Astros on April 19, Arroyo left the game in the 7th-inning ahead by 4 with the score 6-2. The Reds went on to give up 5-runs in the 8th-inning and one more in the 9th without the bats of the Reds putting up a single crooked number. HOW DO YOU BLOW A 4-RUN LEAD IN ONE INNING?
  • On two occasions, Arroyo has left the game only down 1 run and only have given up 4 earned runs and 1 earned run, respectively, only to have the pitching not keep it close, the hitting not help out, or both, forcing Bronson to record the loss on a strong outing.

Something needs to give for Arroyo, and you and I taking the field may be the only solution if the Reds’ offense continues to sleep through B.A.’s starts. I am sure Bronson is missing the offense of those “idiots” up in Boston, especially considering the Reds are sporting a stout .386 winning percentage right now. Here is to hoping that the Cincinnati Reds can turn it all around for Arroyo or else he may not want to stick around for the long haul in Cincinnati.


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