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Twenty Years Of Testosterone

Posted by Matt on May 18, 2007

I usually do not do an entire article in response to one person’s comments, but in my recent discussion of Barry Bonds I seemed to have ruffled a few feathers.


“I totally think Barry Bonds took steroids but comparing a picture of Bonds from 1985 and picture of him now is ridiculous. In 20 years you don’t think a persons body changes with or without steroids? Let’s bring something else to the table besides pictures that are literally 20 years apart.”

My side-by-side pictorial comparison in Hey, Look At Me, I am Barry Bonds’ Brother! seems to have not been scientific enough for some. However, this article, in general, was just as much about Bobby Bonds, Junior being an attention whore for no apparent reason as it was about Barry Bonds being on steroids, so I am not worried about my Bonds-physique research, or lack thereof.

Secondly, I have brought a lot of worthy research “to the table” in my article The Genius Of Jose Canseco, which touches on a lot of those involved, or linked, to steroids (Bonds included) with examples as to why they are so frequently included in the steroids debate.

Lastly, I have discussed in my article An Open Letter To All Major League Pitchers the issue of body changes over the course of twenty-years or so:

“I have never seen a “manopause” in any male in which the slowing of the metabolism involved a healthy, “natural” dose of HGH or anabolic steroids.”

Furthermore, sticking with my side-by-side pictorial comparisons, which is the epitome of scientific research, I give you how a normal body ages over 20-years, give or take:

Cecil Fielder:

fielder.jpg fielder2.jpg

As “Charlie Hustle” said, “‘Ceec’ ain’t on “the juice,” baby, hes on the baby-back ribs.”

Kirby Puckett:

puckett.jpg puckett2.jpg

And “The Nasty Boys” Favorite, Bob Wickman:

wickmanyoung.jpg bob-wickman.jpeg

I digress.

*A BIG “Thank-You” goes to “Charlie Hustle” for help on this article. -Matt

One Response to “Twenty Years Of Testosterone”

  1. steve said

    these guys became fat, barry bonds is muscle

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