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Hey, Look At Me, I Am Barry Bonds’ Brother!

Posted by Matt on May 16, 2007

In an Article Barry Bonds’ brother, Bobby Bonds, Junior, comes out to formerly declare what everybody has already said.

“The only thing I tell them is the same thing I tell everyone, ‘I don’t know if he took [steroids]. Even if he did, he wouldn’t have told me.’ ” -Bobby Bonds, Junior

Really, Bobby? You don’t say. Well if you are still unsure, let me refresh your memory with a bit of a scientific diagram:

Before:                                        After:

bonds2.jpg bonds23jpg.jpg

Any thoughts now, Bobby?

::cue the Michael Jackson “People change, no, no, people change.” sound byte::

At the end of the day I am really getting tired of all of the Bonds talk, it is to the point that they are allowing baby brother Bobby to weigh in on the subject, a Triple-A flame-out with “warning track power.” Frankly, at this point, I would like Barry to either break the record or break his legs. Furthermore, if Hank Aaron does not want to be there then he does not have to be; Hank did it with class, Bonds did not.

Either way, I think this article is a perfect example of wanting to share some of the limelight with big brother Barry. I mean seriously, how much can one guy say without really saying anything? And to be honest, if I was a fork lift driver for a living and my brother was Barry Bonds and he never threw me a bone here and there, I think I would tell the whole world big brother IS on steroids, whether he is or isn’t.


10 Responses to “Hey, Look At Me, I Am Barry Bonds’ Brother!”

  1. I totally think Barry Bonds took steroids but comparing a picture of Bonds from 1985 and picture of him now is ridiculous. In 20 years you don’t think a persons body changes with or without steroids?

    Let’s bring something else to the table besides pictures that are literally 20 years apart.

  2. 2shakes said

    I agree he’s had to have taken steroids. There is no way anyone could double in size, I mean it’s possible but i doubt it….again another good article

  3. Matt said

    Again, thanks for the interest, and yea, I am nearly certain, only because he was caught with the “Clear and Cream” and that is considered steroid-esque and it became “I have never KNOWINGLY taken steroids,” seems like a cop-out to me…

  4. Matt said

    A lot of my posts are very cynical and I feel some readers are getting defensive about some of my posts. I realize a body changes and I have outlined this in “An Open Letter To Major League Pitchers,” and it covers Barry Bonds so I did not feel the need to rehash, in this article, what I have already written about.

    This article was just as much a joke on Bobby Bonds, Junior as it is about Barry Bonds as well, don’t take it too seriously.

    Furthermore, I have addressed some of this in my article “The Genius Of Jose Canseco,” and If you want me to bring something else to the table I will. Barry’s trainer was indicted on steroids, the owner of the company Bonds got his supplements from was indicted on steroids, Bonds was caught with the “Clear and Cream,” which is part of a performance enhancing treatment. There is a lot of writing on the wall, the extreme pictures are just a friendly, and funny, reminder.

    Thanks for the interest, though, friendly debates is what I enjoy on this site, and I am trying to incite conversation with my posts.

  5. Boney said

    was he really “caught” with the clear and the cream? when was he caught with it? he testified that he unknowingly took it, but he wasn’t caught with it.

    I have no doubt that Barry may have cheated, but the ignorance shown by most of these arguments is amazing. It’s a shame Barry has never failed a drug test and he’s still as big as he was when he hit 73 bombs in a single season.

    But I guess you don’t want to talk about Neifi Perez and the effect steroids has had on his career…

  6. Matt said

    Honestly, Boney, I don’t know how many times I have to say that half of the shit you find here is a joke. When I wrote this blurb, Neifi’s third positive test wasn’t even a twinkle on the radar.

  7. joe said

    its very possible that over 20 years he could eat diffrently and lift weights…….all because he got bigger dosnt mean he used steriods………people are only acussing him of using steriods because he broke the homerun record

  8. Kyle said

    ok joe, thats why he was been accused years before he broke the record?

  9. Matt said

    Thanks, Kyle, I agree.

    Joe, you say that like I have some sort of agenda… Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron are both African-American players, I have never seen Hank Aaron play live or in person, I don’t know the man outside of the famous highlight of him breaking Babe Ruth’s record and two fans helping him round 2nd base into 3rd. All I know about him is “class, class, class” which is what the media tells me, but I am sure he is not perfect.

    I don’t care that he broke the record I just care that I think he is cheating, as are many other players I am sure, but Bonds and Giambi are the superstars associated with it, thus they take the most abuse. Maybe not right but it is the nature of the beast.

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