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Amare, Diaw Suspended; Suns Likely Doomed

Posted by Condo on May 15, 2007


The NBA has just announced that both Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw will both be suspended for Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals versus the San Antonio Spurs.  The suspension was handed down for leaving the bench during an altercation late in the 4th quarter when Robert Horry hipchecked Steve Nash into the scorer’s table. Robert Horry was suspended for two games for his actions in the altercation.

This leaves the Suns without their leading scorer in the series versus the Spurs and without a valuable 6th man in Boris Diaw. However, the Spurs losing “Big Shot Bob” for 2 games is not NEARLY as big of an issue.

The Suns are at home in game 5 and if anyone can help pickup his team and lead them to a victory without their leading scorer, it’s Steve Nash, but I just don’t see it happening. For all the talk about Joey Crawford screwing Tim Duncan late in the regular season, it seems as though the NBA is trying to “make up” for it all they can in this series.

San Antonio’s Bruce Bowen has twice been involved in two seperate situations in which a lot of players and/or teams would have been penalized much worse than he was, but I guess the NBA doesn’t want to “upset” Tim Duncan or the Spurs team.

I understand the NBA rule where if a player leaves the bench when an altercation breaks out that they are to be suspended one game. But it’s quite ironic that there wasn’t a Spurs player who didn’t “leave the bench” when this melee took place.

All and all I’m afraid Phoenix was screwed by David Stern and the NBA and if Phoenix doesn’t win this series, it’s going to be one ugly Conference finals, and NBA finals, that nobody is going to watch. Way to endorse the NBA Mr. Stern, NICELY DONE!


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