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Tale Of The Tape

Posted by Matt on May 5, 2007

At virtually the same weight and reach, 154 pounds and 72 inches respectively, current WBC Super Welterweight Champion Oscar De La Hoya will stand toe-to-toe with the 4-years younger Floyd Mayweather, Junior. De La Hoya has roughly two-and-a-half inches on Mayweather but Floyd has the youth and speed in this one. I am not a boxing aficionado by any stretch, however, I have to believe De La Hoya is not quite what he used to be speed wise, especially compared to “Pretty Boy” Floyd, but with a slightly smaller ring, Mayweather’s speed may not be quite as useful as it could be. Mayweather comes in to the fight undefeated at 37-0 with 24 knockouts while De La Hoya is 38-4 with 30 knockouts, but you might discount the loss to Bernard Hopkins as Hopkins was just too big in sheer size for De La Hoya.

This is going to be a close fight and I feel it will come down to a decision at the end with neither landing a knockout punch. Who gets that decision, though, grossly depends on the style of fight that takes place. If Mayweather can dance and utilize his speed to pace the match, then I have to go with Floyd; however, if De La Hoya can stand and trade punches and keep Mayweather from running, De La Hoya will record the victory.

Long story short, I feel like Mayweather has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and has been a little more hell-bent during the weigh-ins and press conferences. Furthermore, sometimes one can get comfortable in their position with the title, in De La Hoya’s case, and the drive for Mayweather to retire with the title and undefeated, as mentioned to be a possibility if he wins, will be just enough to eclipse De La Hoya for the decision. Either way, this is going to be a VERY entertaining fight and is being billed as the “Fight To Save Boxing.” All eyes will be on two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and I do not believe they will disappoint.


Winner: “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather, Junior via split decision

Most Likely To Cannibalize: Mike Tyson via instincts


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