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Big Day Friday

Posted by Matt on May 4, 2007

“Its Friday, you ain’t gotta job, you ain’t got **** to do….” you know how it goes…on to the news…

The Mark Cuban Suicide Watch is now OFFICIALLY under way, anybody in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are warned to be on the lookout for a crazy Caucasian man possibly looking to jump in front of traffic as the Dallas Mavericks fell in six games to the #8 seeded Golden State Warriors in possibly one of the biggest upsets in NBA Playoff history. The 67-15 regular season Mavericks had too much Tim Duncan on their mind and forgot all about Don Nelson, Baron Davis, and Company. Davis has now got to look like one of the better acquisitions of the past few years in his move to Golden State two seasons ago and this MUST be sweet revenge for Coach Nelson, as I do not believe “Nellie” left the Mavericks seeing eye-to-eye with “Crazy Cuban.” Furthermore, I have to think that this is the San Antonio Spurs championship to lose at this point as most thought the major threat in the West for “Duncan and Friends” were the Dallas Mavericks, who now pose absolutely no threat eating Cheetos and watching the remainder of the Playoffs from their couches.

The Cincinnati Reds’ bullpen botched another strong offensive outing in the bottom of the 8th inning to secure the loss. Here is the tale of the tape for this team:

  • In their last three wins (at Pittsburgh on 4/28, at Pittsburgh on 4/29, and at Houston 5/1) the starting pitchers went 9-innings (M. Belisle), 8-innings (A. Harang), and 7-innings (B. Arroyo), respectively.
  • In their last two losses (at Houston on 5/2 and at Houston on 5/3) the starting pitchers went 6-innings (K. Lohse) and 5-innings (E. Milton), respectively.

Basically, if the Reds’ starter cannot hang around and keep it close for at least 7-innings, you are leaving far too much to be desired with this bullpen, featuring the likes of Mike Stanton, who looks like he could be the starting under-hand tosser for the Season Champions of church-league softball and is quickly reaching “Wickman Status” in that it appears that he may drink more beers than throw strikes (see below).

Either way, Stanton had 3-earned runs without recording an out for a stout $2,000,000 this season, great acquisition.

Enough of the Reds ranting, I hope to have a big day and a big weekend in store for everyone as the first item on the agenda for later today will be the as-promised Kentucky Derby preview and everything will hopefully build from there…check back later for more stuff…


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