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Vick Makes New Years Resolution For 120th Consecutive Day, Vows To ‘Change Life’

Posted by Matt on May 2, 2007

We have heard it all before, from little brother Marcus Vick to the elder Ron Mexico, something goes awry and there is a solemn vow to turn it all around. In an interview on ESPN and played during the draft this weekend, Michael insisted that it was time to get back on track, time to ride the straight-and-narrow, and time to dump the hangers-on who could possibly be a source of some of this mischief. Police in Virginia raided a rural home owned by Vick, inhabited by a cousin, and found strong evidence of dog fighting, including extremely neglected canines. Within the week, Vick also skipped a Congressional breakfast to mull over funding for inner-city football programs; this, of course, is all on top of the now infamous water-bottle incident at the airport a couple months ago. So what gives us reason to believe this time will be any different than the last? Nothing does, because this is who Michael Vick is; this is who the Brothers Vick are. These two could seemingly find trouble on a deserted island and not have to look too hard to find it. This is not a matter of a few mistakes, this is a matter of lifestyle, and I fail to see any indication it will ever change for the wayward quarterback.

Furthermore, as long as Vick continues to make poor decisions off of the field, he will continue to make poor decisions on the field and will never pan out to be the franchise quarterback Atlanta hoped for so many drafts ago. Now, there is no denying Vick’s athleticism and physical prowess on a football field; in fact, he is probably the best pure athlete in the league and there is none more fun to watch. However, the quarterback position is more than just pure athleticism in a league as talented as the NFL, it takes smarts and it takes good decision making on the fly, traits that have seemed to elude Mr. Mexico for the duration of his career.

It is sad to see someone with as much talent as Vick have such a hard time harnessing it for all of the right reasons, but we see it time and time again, a young man fully loaded with talent but not with good decisions. I have always maintained that franchises need to have some sort of counseling program for players out of college as instant fame and fortune can be overwhelming, at times, and lead to bad decisions (see Bengals recent rookies of Chris Henry, Odell Thurman, Jonathan Joseph, etcetera). In the end, I always hope for the best for anyone as nobody deserves adversity, however, I have yet to see anything genuine in Michael Vick that leads me to believe things will truly change, whether we are aware of it or not. When Vick goes on National television and says it is time “to get changed around,” well, that is just something I will have to see to believe.


One Response to “Vick Makes New Years Resolution For 120th Consecutive Day, Vows To ‘Change Life’”

  1. Brian said

    We all know how nice those Brothers Vick are…

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