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Tuesday’s Gone

Posted by Matt on May 1, 2007

A relatively slow morning in the world of sports today but here are a few items to ponder…

University of Kentucky Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart has asked for an additional $300,000 dollars a year from the board for chartered recruiting trips and has mentioned the purchasing of a plane for the university as a viable option as well. Firstly, $300,000 dollars more for athletics is really not much in the grand scheme of things at a university of this size. Secondly, as much as Coach Gillispie needs to get around the nation (he met with three top prospects yesterday alone in three different corners of the nation) an investment that all coaches could use to improve recruiting is something to really consider. After all, improved athletics simply means more revenue as Kentucky fans have money, will travel. Furthermore, with his recent coaching hires, if Barnhart can make this happen for recruiting he may go down as one of the all-time greats at the University of Kentucky Athletics Department.

The Cincinnati Reds have announced the retirement of Dave Concepcion’s lucky #13. Davey was an integral part of the “Big Red Machine,” helping the Reds to four pennants and two World Series titles in the 1970s. Concepcion is also one of only five National Leaguers to win three or more Gold Gloves at the Shortstop position. Dave is truly one of the Reds’ legends and the retirement party will be held on July 28 prior to the game against the Chicago Cubs at Great American Ball Park.

After watching last night’s Houston Rockets victory over the Utah Jazz, I am convinced that the NBA is not ready for the hustle and physicality of Chuck Hayes. I do not know if there is a player more fun to watch in the NBA than him as he came up with two HUGE hustle-plays at the end of regulation to really seal the deal down the stretch. First off, Hayes drew a charge on Utah’s Derek Fisher to turn the ball over with under a minute to go and then was able to partially block the last attempt at any comeback at the very end that Yao Ming rebounded and held until time expired. Way to go, Chuck!

I hope to have my Michael Vick thoughts within the next 48-hours and I will be doing a full preview for the Kentucky Derby by the week’s end so get your Mint Juleps ready…more to come later as news breaks…


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