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Why Dallas Can’t Reach The Promised Land

Posted by Condo on April 30, 2007

For those of you who stayed up late last night, you saw Golden State and Baron Davis take down the defending Western Conference champions yet again by a score of 103-99 to give the Warriors a 3-1 lead in the series. Baron Davis led the Warrior charge with 33 points, including a half court 3 pointer as time expired to end the first half. The Mavs are now one game from being only the 3rd #1 seed to be eliminated by a #8 seed since the NBA went to the 16 team format in 1984. They are also on the brink of joining last season’s NBA champions the Miami Heat on the outside looking in, as the Heat were swept yesterday by the Chicago Bulls. Also if the Mavs lose this series, it will be the first time that both Finals contestants from the previous season were eliminated in the first round of the following year’s playoffs.

Now, the REAL reason why Dallas will not get to the promised land of a championship, EVEN IF they somehow comeback from a 3-1 deficit in this series versus Golden State: Dallas has NO LEADERS. Don’t get wrong, I love Dirk and think he should be the MVP this season for his work throughout the regular season, but he is NOT a leader. This team has not had a leader who will step up and calm the team down in situations like they are in right now since Steve Nash.

If you ever watch Dallas, in any game with serious pressure, they crack. Last night was a perfect example. Late in the game with the lead, Golden State started to make a run, and Dallas began to panic, turned the ball over and threw up some UGLY shots, hence the 1-for-11 from the field as Golden State went on their run to overtake the lead from the Mavs. Game #3 of the NBA Finals last season is another prime example. Yet another game during the regular season in which I remember watching Dallas crack under pressure was a road game in Denver. Basically, any time the going gets tough, Dallas seems to run scared with their tail between their legs.

Dirk is a great player and I want to see him win an NBA title as much as anyone, but he is not a true leader and until Cuban finds a leader who is a calming influence in that lineup like Nash was in the “Nellie-Ball” era, Dallas will not reach the promised land.


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