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Reds’ Recipe For Success

Posted by Matt on April 29, 2007

Ah yes, it all makes perfect sense now. You see, Reds’ manager Jerry Narron had this planned out from the get go, he just needed his starting rotation to get their arms loosened up for the season before implementing this genius scheme to win: If you never have to use the bullpen, you’ll never lose!

The Reds now have what you would call a “win streak” at two consecutive victories over the homely Pittsburgh Pirates. They have two back-to-back victories on nearly two consecutive complete game performances from their starters. Firstly, Matt Belisle had a complete game yesterday only yielding 1-run on 5-hits, while Aaron Harang went 8-innings with 5-runs on 10-hits while striking out 9 today. Obviously, with 8-runs on offense last night and 9-runs today, the pitchers had some breathing room, but if the starting pitchers know that if they never leave the game then they never have to worry about the Bullpen relinquishing the lead. Genius, pure genius.

Now if Narron could only keep the bats this hot, and out-of-work porn star turned pitching coach, Dick Pole, could only roll out his scheduled starter each night for a guaranteed complete game then we would all be buying tickets to the World Series right this second.

Listen folks, this style of play is just not feasible. Yes, it is nice to reward your starter by keeping him in there a few pitches too long at the very very end so that he can record the complete game, or at least record the win with minimal Bullpen assistance; however, there is absolutely no way you can go an entire season with a ‘Pen as shaky as ours. Something has got to give and that means General Manager Wayne Krivsky opening up that wallet and getting some Bullpen assistance — pitching, something Reds’ fans have been wanting FOR A LONG TIME.

In short, enjoy the win streak while it lasts because unless the pitching staff gets some much-needed help, the Reds will be “in contention” until about mid-July, just like every other year, and then the starting rotation will start to wear down and the rest of the field will pull away from us.

— That all being said, I am happy to see our starters putting up solid performances on a regular basis and making the organization look good. I hate to be negative all of the time and I realize that if we are in contention come late-August I will be singing a different tune, but as a life-long fan I am just hoping that one Summer the Reds will realize all of the lessons learned from the past and turn that proverbial corner.


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