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Saturday Shakedown

Posted by Matt on April 28, 2007

I don’t know who Liquid360 is but I wonder if the dude on the right is upset with Brady Quinn’s hilarious plummet in the First Round of today’s NFL Draft? Also, my good friend speaks Mandarin and told me that the left guy’s t-shirt translates to “I’m Every Woman”…

First of all, great draft coverage by “Condo” for the entire first round, he was on the horn from start to finish and we appreciate that and hope you all enjoyed the analysis. A complete weigh-in on the Cincinnati Bengals, and other noteworthy items of the draft, after the entire draft is complete at the conclusion of this weekend. Just remember, only 7 more drafts until Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions could start an offense made up entirely of college first-round wide receivers, ata-boy Matt!

Today’s Busch Series NASCAR race came down to the wire with Bobby Labonte edging out Tony Stewart at the line, Stewart’s recent Talladega woes continue. I am shooting for an Aaron’s 499 Preview before tomorrow’ Nextel Cup race so be on the lookout for that. Jeff Gordon got the pole after a speed-tie with David Gilliland was won by Jeff in a tie-breaker. Honestly, they should just rename the Nextel Cup the Gordon Cup and let us get on with our lives.

The Reds broke a 3-game losing streak tonight by a performance that made Reds’ pitcher Matt Belisle look like Sandy Koufax, he was throwing peas. Belisle went for a complete game, 5-hit, 1-run win behind 8-runs from the offense. It is all or nothing with our bats, I swear.

Today, “The Nasty Boys” made WordPress’s Top 100 Growing Blogs of the Day list (as “The Sports Guys”) at #52 — link (pops) — THANKS FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT FROM OUR READERS!!!! We really do appreciate everyone stopping by as we are just trying to entertain and inform and thanks again!


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