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Live 2007 NFL Draft Coverage

Posted by Condo on April 28, 2007

With the draft up and ready to roll, I am going to keep you updated with the first round picks and let you know what I think of each team’s pick by giving it a grade on the A-F scale. Oakland will be on the clock to start the draft.

Pick 1: Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell (QB- LSU)
My Mock Draft Selection: JaMarcus Russell (QB- LSU)

As expected, the Raiders, after all the talk from Al Davis of possibly taking Calvin Johnson or trading out of the #1 pick, made the wise decision and took what I feel is a franchise QB in JaMarcus Russell. He’s still a bit raw, but with all the skills he possesses and his “bizarre arm strength” as one NFL scout was quoted as calling it, he’s the right fit for this team and will most likely be immediately thrown into the fire with Oakland. The Lions are now on the clock.
Grade: A

Pick 2: Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson (WR- Georgia Tech)
My Mock Draft Selection: Calvin Johnson (WR- Georgia Tech)

The Lions again picked as my mock draft expected, and took Calvin Johnson. There may still be a trade with Tampa Bay later on as there is word that the Lions like DE Gaines Adams and then will work out a deal with Tampa involving those 2 draft choices. The Lions just drafted the BEST player in this draft and although a trade wouldn’t be a horrible decision, I think holding on to Calvin Johnson makes more sense as he would be their #1 receiver from day one, even over Roy Williams. The Browns are now on the clock.
Grade: A+

Pick 3: Cleveland Browns: Joe Thomas (OT- Wisconsin)
My Mock Draft Selection: Joe Thomas (OT- Wisconsin)

The Browns throw the first curveball of the draft by not taking Brady Quinn. Personally, I thought that Joe Thomas was the smart and safe pick over Brady Quinn. This means they are committed to giving Charlie Frye a chance with a GOOD offensive line behind LeCharles Bentley, Eric Steinbach, and now Joe Thomas. Thomas is going to be a franchise left tackle in this league barring injury and is the right pick here at #3. Tampa Bay is now on the clock.
Grade: A-

Pick 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gaines Adams (DE- Clemson)
My Mock Draft Selection: Amobi Okoye (DT- Louisville)

Gaines Adams is a nice pick for the Buccaneers here. This does leave the door open for a trade with Detroit later on in this draft. Adams is a pure pass rusher and isn’t great against the run, which is why I didn’t have him going here. Okoye would have been a nice addition to stop the run and still get pressure on the QB. But we will see what happens in the next little while as to whether a trade with Detroit happens or not. Arizona is now on the clock.
Grade: B

Pick 5: Arizona Cardinals: Levi Brown (OT- Penn State)
My Mock Draft Selection: Jamaal Anderson (DE- Arkansas).

A pick that makes a lot of sense for Arizona. Levi Brown being drafted at #5 may be a little soon, but Arizona does have the WORST offensive line in the NFL so they needed to address that. They were obviously hoping that Joe Thomas would be there, but since he’s not, they needed an offensive lineman. I thought it was too soon to take Brown and thought they would either trade down or take a defensive end with the abilities of Jamaal Anderson, but this is a safe solid pick in getting Brown. Washington is now on the clock.
Grade: B

Pick 6: Washington Redskins: LaRon Landry (S- LSU)
My Mock Draft Selection: Gaines Adams (DE- Clemson)

Landry is a solid pick here at #6. Landry teamed with Sean Taylor will be a NASTY combo in the secondary. Can’t imagine many receivers wanting to run across the middle with those two stalking in the shadows. Assuming Adams was still on the board, I think the Redskins would’ve gone with him. Minnesota is now on the clock.
Grade: A-

Pick 7: Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson (RB- Oklahoma)
My Mock Draft Selection: Brady Quinn (QB- Notre Dame)

I don’t completely agree with this pick. Although Peterson is a great running back and is a good fit, you basically are saying that Chester Taylor is not a #1 running back and you wasted money in signing him last season. Tavarius Jackson is a very young QB who they traded up in the 2nd round to draft last season, so I understand them wanting to give him a chance. However, Brady Quinn is better than Jackson and in a year or two Minnesota will be kicking themselves for not taking Quinn and will be back to the drawing board drafting another rookie QB. Atlanta is now on the clock.
Grade: B+

Pick 8: Atlanta Falcons: Jamaal Anderson (DE- Arkansas)
My Mock Draft Selection: LaRon Landry (S- LSU)

With LaRon Landry gone, Atlanta had to scramble a little bit I would imagine. Anderson in my opinion is better than Gaines Adams and will be a nice fit with the Falcons after losing Patrick Kearney. With his size, strength, and ability, I think he is going to be a great DE for years to come with Atlanta. Miami is now on the clock and am about 99% sure they will be drafting Brady Quinn.
Grade: B+

Pick 9: Miami Dolphins: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR- Ohio State)
My Mock Draft Selection: Alan Branch (DT- Michigan)

The absolute SHOCKER of the draft to this point. AND I’M AN OHIO STATE FAN! It was almost a given to EVERYONE that if Brady Quinn was on the board at #9, Miami would take him. BUT, they decided to take the explosive Ginn who will help them in the return game and will be a great compliment to Chris Chambers at receiver. However, this was WAY TOO EARLY for Ginn and now expect Quinn to be in free fall mode as the next few teams on the board do not need a QB. Houston is now on the clock.
Grade: F

Pick 10: Houston Texans: Amobi Okoye (DT- Louisville)
My Mock Draft Selection: Adrian Peterson (RB- Oklahoma)

This pick makes a lot of sense for Houston. Gives them a compliment to Mario Williams and will make that defensive line NASTY for years to come as well. If Peterson were there, this wouldn’t be a question and they would’ve taken Peterson, but since Okoye was still sitting there and Peterson is gone, this is a smart safe pick for Houston and will again as I said solidify their defensive line. San Francisco is now on the clock.
Grade: B+

Pick 11: San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Willis (LB- Ole Miss)
My Mock Draft Selection: Adam Carriker (DE- Nebraska)

Again, a pick that makes sense for the Niners and really hurts Buffalo as they were really wanting Patrick Willis. The kid can run up and down the field and make tons of tackles. Think A.J. Hawk when you watch Willis with a bit more athleticism. This is someone who will fit right in the middle of the 3-4 defense in San Francisco and make an immediate impact. Buffalo is now on the clock.
Grade: A-

Pick 12: Buffalo Bills: Marshawn Lynch (RB- Cal)
My Mock Draft Selection: Patrick Willis (LB- Ole Miss)

Marshawn Lynch I thought would fall a little bit further considering his character issues that he has had. However, when the Bills missed out on their #1 choice in Patrick Willis, this pick made the most sense for their organization. He is a solid running back who will pick up right where Willis McGhee left off. The real question is, when is Brady Quinn going to be drafted??? St. Louis is now on the clock.
Grade: B+

Pick 13: St. Louis Rams: Adam Carriker (DE- Nebraska)
My Mock Draft Selection: Leon Hall (CB- Michigan)

Carriker is not a bad pick at this point, I just feel that it was more important for them to address their secondary need more so than defensive line. Carriker would be a better fit as an end in a 3-4 defense more so than a 4-3 defense in my opinion. A solid pick, but Leon Hall I feel made more sense. Quinn still on the board and doesn’t appear to be going anytime soon. Carolina is now on the clock.

There has been a trade, and Carolina has swapped picks with the Jets and the Jets will now be picking at #14. Updating the trade, the Jets traded their 1st, 2nd & 5th round picks to Carolina for Carolina’s 1st & 6th round picks.

Pick 14: New York Jets: Darrelle Revis (CB- Pittsburgh)
My Mock Draft Selection: #14 for Carolina: Levi Brown (OT- Penn State)…
New York Jets #25: Greg Olsen (TE- Miami FL.)

The Jets moved up because they needed some cornerback help. And they made the right move I think in taking Revis. Really you are splitting hairs between Leon Hall and Revis so either pick made sense for them to make. They knew they were not going to be able to get either of these corners if they stayed at #25 so they did what they had to do. I think they may have given up a bit too much, but we shall see how it plays out in a year or two. Pittsburgh is now on the clock.
Grade: B (Only because I feel they gave up too much to move up to take Revis)

Pick 15: Pittsburgh Steelers: Lawrence Timmons (LB- Florida State)
My Mock Draft Selection:
Paul Posluszny (LB- Penn State)

I honestly am not surprised with this pick as Timmons is a lot like Joey Porter and is a linebacker who can rush the passer very well. I thought Pittsburgh would go with the local kid who hails from the Pittsburgh area, but the right pick overall to address the linebacker holes that they need to fill. Green Bay is now on the clock.
Grade: B+

Would like to take this time to note that I got the first 3 picks correct in my mock draft, and it has been all downhill since. Just goes to show that you can never really predict how the NFL Draft is going to work out.

Pick 16: Green Bay Packers: Justin Harrell (DT- Tennessee)
My Mock Draft Selection: Marshawn Lynch (RB- Cal)

If not for tearing his bicep early in his senior year this past season, he may have been a top 10-20 pick. However, because of the injury, many people expected him to fall to the end of the first round. It’s a good pick but they had too many holes to fill on the offense to take Harrell here. Dwayne Bowe, Robert Meachem, or Greg Olsen made more sense here. Jacksonville is now on the clock.
Grade: C-

There has been a trade between Denver and Jacksonville, Denver will now be selecting at #17. Jacksonville trades their 1st round pick to Denver’s 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks.

Pick 17: Denver Broncos: Jarvis Moss (DE- Florida)
My Mock Draft Selection: #17 for Jacksonville Reggie Nelson (S- Florida)….
#21 for Denver Broncos Jarvis Moss (DE- Florida)

Well, they moved up to get a guy that I feel they would’ve been able to get at #21. This is a good pick for Denver as they need a pass rusher on that defensive line, but to give up both their 3rd & 6th round picks to move up to take him? Makes no sense to me. Cincinnati is up next, which felon left on the board will they take?
Grade: C (Only because they moved up to take someone they could’ve gotten with their original pick)

Pick 18: Cincinnati Bengals: Leon Hall (CB- Michigan)
My Mock Draft Selection: Darrelle Revis (CB- Pittsburgh)

The Bengals made a fantastic choice. Again, I had them taking Revis and you could split hairs between him & Hall as I said earlier when Revis was selected. Since Revis went earlier, that meant Hall was the choice the Bengals had to make and they did. Hall draws lots of comparisons to Ty Law and he’s a high character guy. Again, great pick for the Bengals and should work out really well for them. Tennessee is now on the clock.
Grade: A+

Pick 19: Tennessee Titans: Michael Griffin (S- Texas)
My Mock Draft Selection: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR- Ohio State)

Well, Tennessee obviously needs secondary help since “Pac Man” is going to be out for the season due to the suspension. They need to address wide receiver BADLY and that doesn’t explain why they draft Griffin here over Meachem & Bowe, but head coach Jeff Fisher loves defensive players. I’m assuming that is a reason why they go with the defensive side of the ball, but they MUST get weapons to help Vince Young out. The New York “football” Giants are on the clock.
Grade: D

Pick 20: New York Giants: Aaron Ross (CB- Texas)
My Mock Draft Selection: Joe Staley (OT- Central Michigan)

The Giants needed one of three thing: offensive tackle, linebacker, or cornerback. Aaron Ross is one of the top corners left on the board at this point. I still think Joe Staley made more sense for them as they need someone to protect Eli’s blindside after releasing Petigout. But Ross is a solid pick, and I won’t rip them too bad for this one. Jacksonville is now on the clock.
Grade: B-

Pick 21: Jacksonville Jaguars: Reggie Nelson (S- Florida)
My Mock Draft Selection: Jacksonville at #17: Reggie Nelson (S- Florida)…
Denver at #21: Jarvis Moss (DE- Florida)

EXCELLENT move by Jacksonville here. They lost Deon Grant to free agency and were probably going to take Nelson at #17, but instead they traded down, KNOWING they could still get Nelson and acquired extra picks from Denver. Nelson’s a sure tackler with great speed and a knack for making the big play. This may be the best move of the draft by any team at this point. Dallas is now on the clock.
Grade: A++

And the trade we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened. The Browns have traded up to #22 and will take Brady Quinn. Cleveland gives up their 2nd round pick in this draft and their first round pick next year for Dallas’s #22 pick.

Pick 22: Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn (QB- Notre Dame)
My Mock Draft Selection: #22 for Dallas: Aaron Ross (CB- Texas)

This is something you only see in Madden when you are doing a franchise. Brady Quinn fell and fell and fell, and FINALLY his hometown team Cleveland has traded up to draft him. Cleveland fans FINALLY have something go their way, considering they almost drafted Quinn at #3. This is something NOBODY thought was possible, and now Cleveland makes the BEST move of the draft, regardless of what they gave up considering they now have a face to their franchise in Mr. Quinn. Kansas City is now on the clock.
Grade: A+++

Pick 23: Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe (WR- LSU)
My Mock Draft Selection: Robert Meachem (WR- Tennessee)

Dwayne Bowe is a very good choice for the Chiefs here as they need help at receiver considering they have Eddie Kennison, and then… well, not so much. You again could split hairs between Bowe & Meachem but either way you are still geting a quality receiver that the Chiefs definitely need. Good pick here. New England is now on the clock.
Grade: A

Pick 24: New England Patriots: Brandon Meriweather (S- Miami FL.)
My Mock Draft Selection:
Brandon Meriweather (S- Miami FL.)

Meriweather is a hard hitting safety who draws a lot of comparisons to Sean Taylor, both being from “DA U”. He has some character issues after using his helmet as a weapon and stomping on players during the Miami/FIU football brawl. The Patriots needed to find a replacement for Rodney Harrison at safety and they may have found one with Meriweather here. This is a solid pick. Carolina is now on the clock.
Grade: A-

Pick 25: Carolina Panthers: Jon Beason (LB- Miami FL.)
My Mock Draft Selection: New York Jets at #25: Greg Olsen (TE- Miami FL.)

Well, personally I’m not a huge fan of Beason, but he was a position of need for the Panthers as they needed a linebacker after losing leading tackler Chris Draft to free agency and Dan Morgan has concussion issues. I did not have Beason in my first round and thought he would be an early 2nd round pick, but based on need, I understand why Carolina made this pick and they were smart enough to realize they could make it further back in the first round and traded down and acquired more picks before making this selection. Very smart on Carolina’s end. Philadelphia is now on the clock.
Grade: A (More for trading down rather than the selection they made)

Trade made between Philadelphia and Dallas, and now Dallas is picking at #26. Will keep you posted on the details of this trade. Details: Philadelphia receives Dallas’s 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round picks for the #26 pick in the draft.

Pick 26: Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Spencer (DE- Purdue)
My Mock Draft Selection: #26 for Philadelphia: Michael Griffin (S- Texas)

Again, another guy I didn’t have in the first round but would have had early in the second round. I have NO IDEA why Dallas traded up and gave up this much to draft this guy, but I guess they see something in him that I’m not necessarily seeing. He’s a hybrid guy who can rush the quarterback very well, I just don’t understand the point in giving up a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round pick just to move to #26 to grab Spencer. I am giving this a horrible grade, after making a somewhat decent deal with Cleveland to get a #1 pick next season. New Orleans is now on the clock.
Grade: F (for trading up and giving that much up to grab a guy they could have maybe gotten in the early 2nd round with the pick they just received from Cleveland)

Pick 27: New Orleans Saints: Robert Meachem (WR- Tennesssee)
My Mock Draft Selection: Chris Houston (CB- Arkansas)

A little surprised by this pick. They needed some corner help to go along with McKenzie and didn’t necessarily need the WR help even though they lost Joe Horn to free agency. Meachem is a quality receiver and it is a solid value pick at this point. I just think that since New Orleans had the #1 offense in the league last season and were ranked in the middle of the pack on defense that they would go defense before offense. Solid pick in general though by New Orleans in grabbing a solid receiver like Meachem and probably just broke the hearts of San Diego fans everywhere who were hoping Meachem would fall to them at #30. New England is back on the clock.
Grade: B

Trade made between San Francisco and New England, San Francisco will now be on the clock, details on the trade as soon as they are available. Details on the trade: New England gets San Francisco’s 4th round pick and next year’s 1st round pick from the Niners in exchange for New England’s #28 pick.

Pick 28: San Francisco 49ers: Joe Staley (OT- Central Michigan)
My Mock Draft Selection: #28 for New England: Dwayne Bowe (WR- LSU)

Staley is a good value pick here and they needed to give Alex Smith someone that could protect him in the pocket. Staley came to college as a tight end and grew into the offensive tackle position. A great athlete who will be a nice tackle in the NFL for several years to come. Depending on how much San Fran gave up to move to #28, this is a good move for the Niners. Baltimore is now on the clock.
Grade: B- (After learning the details of this trade, I think the Niners gave up too much to grab Staley here, still a solid pick, but giving up next year’s #1 pick for Staley is a bit of a reach.)

Pick 29: Baltimore Ravens: Ben Grubbs (OG- Auburn)
My Mock Draft Selection: Lawrence Timmons (LB- Florida State)

Grubbs is the top guard in this draft and would’ve been my choice for Baltimore in the mock draft had I not still had Timmons available. Baltimore was in a position to draft the best avialable player on the board and Grubbs I believe was that guy. Smart, solid pick by the Ravens here and will add to a very strong team in Baltimore. San Diego is now on the clock.
Grade: A

Pick 30: San Diego Chargers: Craig Davis (WR- LSU)
My Mock Draft Selection: Anthony Gonzalez (WR- Ohio State)

Well, Davis was not one of my top receivers on my personal board, but at least San Diego adressed a need. I don’t quite see why they passed on receivers like Dwayne Jarett, Anthony Gonzalez, and Sidney Rice among others for Davis here, but they must see something that others don’t. Davis is fast and the Chargers needed that kind of receiver at their #2 spot on the chart, so it’s not a bad pick, just wouldn’t be my first choice. Chicago is now on the clock
Grade: B-

Pick 31: Chicago Bears: Greg Olsen (TE- Miami FL.)
My Mock Draft Selection: Ben Grubbs (OG- Auburn)

Olsen is a good selection for the Bears who are in a position to draft best overall talent. I am sure Chicago did not expect to see Olsen sitting here at pick #31 as I certainly didn’t see him still here at this point. This just gives Grossman another target to hit and will be a nice safety valve to throw to as well as someone who can stretch the middle of the field and open up coverage for both Mushin Muhammad and Bernard Berrian. Very good pick for the Bears and helps address a weakness they had in their offense. Indianapolis is now on the clock to close out the first round and our live first round coverage here with “The Nasty Boys”.
Grade: A

Pick 32: Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Gonzalez (WR- Ohio State)
My Mock Draft Selection: Justin Harrell (DT- Tennessee)

Gonzalez I had going #30 to San Diego, and while the Colts need defensive help Gonzalez will fit in great with Peyton Maninng and company and will fill Brandon Stokley’s slot role beautifully. I like the pick, especially being an Ohio State fan and a big Gonzo supporter, but I still think Indy needs to address the defensive side of the ball later on in the draft, so they won’t get as high of a grade as they would’ve by addressing the need on defense.
Grade: B

And that completes the first round of the NFL Draft. For those of you who kept up with me throughout, the longest first round draft in NFL history was achieved today, so way to be a part of history! Now, to answer a few basic questions about the first round of this draft:

Best Player Chosen:
Calvin Johnson (WR- Gerogia Tech) #2 overall pick, Detroit Lions

Best Team Draft of the First Round:
Cleveland Browns:
This was close considering Jacksonville and Carolina made very good moves trading down to get players they would’ve drafted in their original spots, but Cleveland acquired both a franchise quarterback and left tackle in their first round, and you cannot deny that.

Best Player Available in the 2nd Round:
Alan Branch (DT- Michigan):
Scouts felt that with his size and athleticism that he underachieved in college and thus this pushed him down draft boards, however, I definitely feel this is the best player left on the board and will be a great defensive tackle for whoever decides to pull the trigger on this guy.

Hope you enjoyed our live coverage of the first round of the NFL draft. Come back to our site out for all of your sports coverage!


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