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NFL Draft Coverage

Posted by Matt on April 27, 2007

First and foremost, here is the promised “cheat sheet” for Round 1 of tomorrow’s NFL Draft. Feel free to print it out and follow how the picks of “The Nasty Boys'” very own “Condo” stack up with how the draft really shakes down.

NFL Draft Round 1 Cheat Sheet (pops)

Secondly, it is possible that there might be a live running diary of the draft tomorrow, more on that later if it develops.


One Response to “NFL Draft Coverage”

  1. LH in KC said

    Watching the draft I couldn’t help but notice some of the stats on these athletes. Particulalry the bench press, for christ’s sakes most of these guys are pretty unimpressive! I mean I would hope that a 350 lb man who is supposed to extraordinary could bench 225 30 frickin times!

    Hell, I way a buck seventy-five and I can bench 225 15 times. I don’t consider myself extaordinary, just an average joe. I think a lot of these guys are just in for the money, obviously and don’t put themselves in prime shape or are deligent enough to last in the NFL.

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