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Dick Drops The Ball

Posted by Matt on April 27, 2007

A good friend of mine and fellow sports junky, Bo, pointed out to me an extremely offensive error in an article from Duke’s very own Dick Vitale in his Weekly Roundball Chatter.

“It would give Kentucky a big lift to add these talented players. Gillispie’s club will have the likes of Joe Crawford and Jamal Bradley, plus a star in the making in Jamal Meeks.”

Now correct me if I am wrong, but to my recollection the University of Kentucky basketball team has NOT had a “Jamal” since Mashburn (1-‘a’ and not 2, as in ‘Jamaal Magloire’), let alone two at the same time. COME ON ESPN, if you do not want the rest of the nation complaining about a Duke/ACC/East Coast bias, then at least get the names right of the stud players for the WINNINGEST COLLEGE BASKETBALL PROGRAM OF ALL TIME. I guarantee you that Vitale can spell Coach Krryzasdflakjswlki’s name forwards and backwards, with his eyes closed, yet he can only muster 1 of 3 on the FIRST NAMES of the UK stud-list; some “ambassador to the game” he is. At least if it was “Jamel” I could see a typo where the ‘J’ should have been an ‘R.’ But “Jamal?” I guess if you are not sure, you just call everyone “Jamal” and hope you get it right. That’s a good idea, Dick, whenever my Alzheimer’s kicks in and I cannot remember someone’s name, I will just call them “Jamal” as well.

Does ESPN not have an editor and/or is Dick Vitale having an intern write his columns? Is Vitale a racist who calls all young African-American basketball players “Jamal?” Surely he could not forget the names of our stars after covering us this season on ESPN College GameDay…and Kentucky fans are supposedly crazy for thinking ESPN hates us…


8 Responses to “Dick Drops The Ball”

  1. a said

    To be fair, we did have Jamal Magloire.

    But yeah, this is completely unacceptable. What an idiot.

  2. Matt said

    Not to split hairs, but the extra ‘a’ in Jamaal, as in Jamaal Magloire, didn’t flow with my argument, but yes, you are correct and we appreciate the interest!

  3. Dookie V said

    hey baaaabyyyyyy, Ashley Judd is the top star fan on the planet baby – i’ll never miss her name. cut me some slack – one of my eyes is bad (Nevermind I only have eyes for the ACC).

  4. ncaahoops said

    Dick Vitale used to be a basketball analyst. He used to be a cheerleader for the game. Now he is mainly a Duke/ACC cheerleader and an unstopable self-promoter who is busy posing for pictures next to his statue (check his website under “Community” for those)…

    He also uses turn-on/turn-off emotional manipulation of the audience by misusing tales of people’s struggles and suffering (eg little girl story on Mike and Mike) in order to promote his own non-profit events and the Broken Egg (“Buy tickets for my event! We are honoring Coach K!”). Granted they are done for good causes, but still…

  5. Billy PACCker said

    Dookie – good one!

  6. TulsaCat said

    NCAAHoops – Yeah, I’ve noticed more and more of the “analysts” give coaches a pass unless the coach really screws up. Must be they need the relationship w/ a coach to get info for stories/commentary. And the problem isn’t confined to basketball.

  7. ncaahoops said

    Yes, TulsaCat, I think they are trading off impartiality for inside access and insider info. And then human nature takes over. If they spend so much time with a coach behind the scenes, then it’s rather uncomfortable to come out and flat out criticize them. Also part of it is that a lot of analysts are former coaches/players, and that makes it harder for them to say anything negative unless it’s a “Dave Bliss” or get caught with both hands in the cookie jar.

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