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Torii Hunter’s Week Is Worse Than Yours

Posted by Matt on April 26, 2007

Twins’ Outfielder Torii Hunter recently gave the Kansas City Royals five bottles of champagne on a promise he made to them after their season-ending sweep of the Detroit Tigers that lofted the Twins to the top of the American League Central going in to the playoffs last season; seems harmless right? Wrong. Apparently there is a little-known rule, 21-b to be exact, that states, in a nutshell, that Hunter can be suspended for up to 3-seasons for this offense (giving gifts to opposing teams for defeating or attempting to defeat a third team).

Now just days after being threatened with his career, Hunter was hit in the face by a pitch from said Kansas City Royals and starting pitcher Zack Greinke in the bottom of the 2nd inning of today’s day-game. Hunter needed a pinch-runner and was forced to leave the game after the incident. Now, I am unsure as to whether MLB Commissioner Bud Selig paid off the Royals to plunk Hunter for his misconduct or if the Kansas Royal pitching is really that bad, I’ll let you decide; and honestly, both are extremely plausbile at this juncture as the Royals are laughable.

Furthermore, I am sure five bottles of Dom Perignon was welcomed quite nicely at a place where most players go to watch their careers go down the toilet. Either way, if you get down on yourself this week about how things are going, just remember, Torii Hunter’s week was worse.

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