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It Does A Body Good

Posted by Matt on April 23, 2007

Fairly slow Monday morning, but here is what I do have:

The Reds lost, AGAIN, 9-3. I am starting to sound like a broken record and I am not even going to analyze this one as it is the same problem, different game. The defense is terrible, the offense is terrible, the pitching is terrible…whatever.

As far as quality baseball goes, the Red Sox went back-to-back-to-back-to-back with home runs going from Manny Ramirez, to J.D. Drew, to Mike Lowell, to Jason Varitek. Obviously that tied the record in the big leagues for most consecutive home runs and it occurred in the bottom of the third inning with 2-outs and the Yankees leading 3-0. The Red Sox went on to win the game, 7-6, and sweep the series, and because it happened to the Yankees, it makes it that much more hilarious. Here is a video:

Ohio State’s Greg Oden is reportedly 100% certain that he is going to the NBA this year. This is probably a move that Oden should have made about 15 years ago as the shelf life for a 35-year-old center in the NBA is only about 2-4 years. Daequan Cook and Mike Conley, Jr. will also “test the waters” this season.

As soon as I get the motivation, the Round 1 mock draft cheat sheet will be available for download and printing. Also, we hope to announce a new summer segment for the site (trying say that 5 times, fast) and we will reveal that as soon as we have all of the details ironed out.


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