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Hey, Where’s The Cream Filling?

Posted by Matt on April 22, 2007

Now who couldn’t love a commercial that a had a fat person in an inner tube that looked liked a Hostess cup cake from a shark looking up from below…those commercials didn’t last long enough…anyways, on to the nightly talk…

Ok, I’ll admit, first and foremost, I did NOT make it to the Blue/White scrimmage game. I did not make it to the game for the same reason I didn’t have a NASCAR race preview for you. You know how that goes…start a cookout, have a few, you get a little lazy. In my defense, I listened to the ENTIRE scrimmage on the radio and here is what I have to say:

The offense won the scrimmage pretty handily, but the one thing I noticed is that the playmakers got it done when it needed to be. Andre Woodson was 17 for 28 for 245 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Keenan Burton had 5 catches for 104 yards and Rafael Little (our all purpose yardage stud) had 31 yards on only 7 carries on top of a 48 yard touchdown reception. Our stud DB, and future rapper, Marcus McClinton even had a 75 yard pick-six. There could’ve been better play by Woodson AND the defense today, but overall it was a good outing for our team leaders, who are all NFL bound.

The Reds lost, yet again, and I made one astute observation late in the game: Ryan Freel was up to bat, after a sacrifice bunt by Eric Milton, and Freel was the third batter of the inning. He popped out on a 2-0 pitch that was at his knuckles, and it really put the team in a bind, especially because Freel is a lead off hitter who is supposed to have a high on-base-percentage and there was a runner in scoring position. Now I know Thom Brennaman has never played professional ball, but he was ABSOLUTELY baffled that Freel would swing on a 2-0 count when, and I quote, “the only strike Hamels has thrown this inning was the bunt to Eric Milton.” Now remember, Freel was the THIRD batter of the inning, and Hamels was having a hard time finding the strike zone. This brought me back to last Tuesday’s win against the Brewers; and granted we won, but the SAME situation occured. Catcher Javier Valentin was up late in the game, pitcher Greg Aquino was on his fourth batter of the inning and had thrown 10 consecutive balls when Valentin decided to hack at a 2-0 count. Thom Brennaman was again baffled, and I don’t know how many times this season, already, that I have heard Thom ask why the batter was swinging at that pitch on that count, and Brantley has always backed him up. Now it paid off for Valentin, and Javier recorded two RBIs, but I have to question the hit/take-a-pitch signals from the 3rd base coach. With our talent level, of which is below most ‘large market’ teams, I have to question as to why we aren’t taking these pitches and making the pitchers PITCH TO US. Small ball. Maybe we’d win a few more games with this patience and not have Adam Dunn strikeout 12 times the last 5 games,“new sing” or not.

I never got to my NASCAR preview tonight, but it didn’t help me that it was a Saturday night race instead of a Sunday race. Either way, Jeff Gordon registered the win and that gives me a chance to plug last Monday’s article, by me, that said, and I quote, “it will not be too much longer before Jeff Gordon earns his first trip to victory lane this season” (Just Another Manic Monday). Now I am no Jeff Gordon fan, nor am I a fan of Hendrick Motor Sports, but these guys are on top of the NASCAR world with winning 5 of the first 8 races and all. Now, just after I predicted Gordon was due for a win, Jeffy went from Pole to Victory Lane, the first ever to do that at Phoenix International Speedway. He looks to be on pace for his fifth cup championship after leading in points without a victory and then pulling ahead for the win at the Subway Fresh Fit 500 tonight. The Chevys and Hendrick Motor Sports are dialed in.

Well, that’s all I have for the late hour. I am busy with final projects all day tomorrow but the NBA Playoffs are in full force so that will give me something to talk about to keep my mind off being pissed off about Jeff Gordon winning…see you all tomorrow…


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