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Welcome To Flavor Country

Posted by Matt on April 21, 2007

A few notes for this Saturday morning:

First and foremost, I may just start using cheesy commercial and magazine advertisement taglines as my article titles.

“Condo’s” third, and final, part in the three-part Round 1 mock draft series dropped last night, I hoped to have a clean, “printable” draft-day cheat-sheet up by the end of the weekend to use to follow the first round of the draft next weekend.

Somehow the Reds won a one-run game in extra innings, 2-1, against the Phillies last night. I really don’t understand them as it is all or nothing in pitching and its all or nothing in hitting, and neither of the “alls” happen at the same time, mind boggling. Kyle Lohse, however, is developing in to quite the 3rd man in the rotation this season. After posting his 12-strikeouts, 4-hit, shut out, 8-inning performance in his last start, Lohse went 7 innings of 6-hit, 1-run baseball with 4-strikeouts. This is what the Reds need, now only if the bullpen will show up for the season. If you find them, please contact the Cincinnati Reds at 100 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Alex Rodriguez belted his 11th AND 12th home runs of the season in last nights loss to the Red Sox in just the Yankees’15th game of the season. I will not even begin to do the math again…alright, he’s on pace for 129.6 home runs this season. Insane, I know, but this allows me to plug my A-Rod article from Thursday You Can’t Have A-Rod; No, Not Yours.

I am going to the University of Kentucky Blue-White Scrimmage today so I will post news and views from that game. Also, if you are lucky, I will break down this weeks NASCAR race, tonight’s Subway Fit 500 under the lights at Phoenix International Speedway. Of my two predictions last week, winner and most laps lead, I was 1-1 with correctly picking Jeff Gordon to lead the most laps while incorrectly picking Kyle Busch to win.

That’s all for the morning block, check back later…


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