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You Can’t Have A-Rod; No, Not Yours

Posted by Matt on April 19, 2007

Ah, it seems like only a year ago, the trees were all in bloom, baseball was in full force, Yankees’ fans were booing Alex Rodriguez; oh wait, it WAS only a season ago. My how the tables have turned as A-Rod has 9 home runs in the first 13 games of the season, or just 52 at bats. That is a home run every 5.77 at bats, and A-Rod is on pace for 112 home runs this season. Not to mention he is batting .365, with 23 RBIs, and an on-base-percentage of .435. Now A-Rod is the perfect son of “Title Town” and the fans just love him. But I hope the fans in New York realize that they DO NOT DESERVE HIM!

Herein lies the problem with this, when the Yankees’ fans were booing him, HE WAS NOT DOING BAD. Here are his stats from the ‘Yankees Years’:

  • 2006: 35 Home Runs, 121 RBIs, .290 AVG
  • 2005: 48 Home Runs, 130 RBIs, .321 AVG
  • 2004: 36 Home Runs, 106 RBIs, .286 AVG

Now I know about 29 other teams that would love to have a third baseman or shortstop putting up those numbers consistently, the Reds being one of them (I am tired of shortstops who are brought in to Cincinnati because they are “defensive specialists” only to bat .225 with 5 home runs each season such as Gonzalez, Castro, etcetera, but I’ll touch on that on a later day). The problem is that the Yankees’ fans have expectations that are WAY too high. It seems as if the only way they will truly love A-Rod is if he hits a home run nearly every game, and listen folks, that is just not possible. Baseball is a game of streaks, A-Rod will hit a batting slump, or two, or pitchers will being pitching around him, simple as that.

Yankees’ fans are like the spoiled kid that lived down the street from you growing up. No matter what he got that was better than anything you had, he was not happy, and treated said toys like crap when you would have cherished them. You looked in to the dining room window when he got called in for dinner in the evenings after school wishing you could have just an ounce of that kid’s table scraps. Yeah, that is the Yankees and their fans DO NOT deserve what they have.

Unless A-Rod hits 90 home runs a year, fans of New York will not be happy with him. Now I’ll admit he has made some untimely fielding errors, but realize, this is a guy who willingly made the move to third base, a somewhat unfamiliar position, so poster-child Derek Jeter did not get his feelings hurt; all for the GOOD OF THE TEAM. To the people of New York, celebrate the greatness you are seeing on the field so far this season, but stay behind A-Rod when he hits a skid, a true fan would and Alex Rodriguez deserves that kind of treatment; he is too good of a player not to.


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