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Thursday News And Notes

Posted by Matt on April 19, 2007

It is nearly the weekend and things will continue to pick up with the NFL Draft next Saturday and the NBA Playoffs on the verge. Of course, “Condo” will have his final portion of the Round 1 Mock Draft series sometime tomorrow and hopefully we can put out a “cheat sheet,” so-to-speak, to print off and use to see how well “Condo’s” predictions stack up. Remember, in the NFL Draft anything can happen, like the Bengals making a poor selection in the First Round (cheap plug for my article outlining former First Round selections of the Bengals, came out this week, check it out). On to the morning notes…

Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Mark Beuhrle tossed a no-hitter last night against the Texas Rangers on only 26 official at-bats (27 batters faced). He was a walk of Sammy Sosa away from a perfect game, but no sooner did he put Sosa on base did Beuhrle pick him off. I guess you lose a step toward the bag when you are off of “the juice.” Not to take anything away from Beuhrle, as a no-hitter is unbelievable and something to be proud of, however, we have already seen a one-hitter from Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners against the Boston Red Sox last week and John Maine took a no-no in to the 7th inning for the Mets last night against the Marlins as well, on top of numerous other low-scoring games and so called “pitcher’s duels.” I cannot help but think that the cold weather has A LOT to do with the batters’ struggles at the plate thus far this season. As the weather warms up, so will the bats and not every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the mound will look like Cy Young.

The Reds lost 7-2 to Houston last night Great American Ballpark. Aaron Harang went 6 innings of 1 run baseball, only to have the Bullpen surrender 5 runs in the top of the Eighth Inning. I cannot begin to imagine how frustrating it is for the Ace of a staff to go out and pitch the lights out, only to have the Bullpen dick it up. That seems to be how the Reds go, however, either the starting pitching shows up and the Bullpen does not; or the Bullpen is untouchable but Eric Milton has already given up 7 runs with 2 home runs; or the bats show up but the pitching does not and the offense cannot continuously score double-digit run totals to win; OR, lastly, the pitching shows up but there are holes in the players’ bats and the Reds lose in a “close one” 2-1. Until the Reds can turn the corner with personnel, they will continue to be doomed by incomplete performances. They are back on the saddle tonight against the Astros as Bronson Arroyo goes against Woody Williams in Great American Ball Park. Can we PLEASE give Bronson some run support? The poor guy is 0-2 in three starts with an ERA of just 3.48. The offense has offered 1 run, 2 runs, and 0 runs in Arroyo’s first three starts respectively. How about we put up a 5-spot tonight in a park known for its big hits and big run totals so that our pride-and-joy, and 2007 Game Day Program cover boy, can get his first win of the season; is that too much to ask?

Enjoy Thursday, as the weekend is almost here. My views on the New York Fans/A-Rod relationship to come later…


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