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2007 NFL Mock Draft Round 1 (Picks 1-10)

Posted by Condo on April 12, 2007

Well, it’s 2 weeks and counting until the 2007 NFL Draft invades Radio City Music Hall in New York City April 28th and April 29th on ESPN. In the first of a three part article, I will produce my own mock draft, starting with picks 1-10, then picks 11-20, and finish out with picks 21-32. Let’s dive right into it!

Pick 1: Oakland Raiders — JaMarcus Russell (QB- LSU)
Most people consider this the consensus number one overall pick and I agree with them. Russell is a gifted quarterback with a rifle arm and nimble feet for a man of his size (6’6″ 256 lbs.).  He can make all of the throws and make throws on the run as well. The one knock on him is his work ethic and decision making with the football. With a cannon like his, he sometimes makes some throws he should not try and he will not be able to get away with in the NFL. He is not the most polished QB in this draft class, but is well worth the risk at this pick.

Pick 2: Detroit Lions — Calvin Johnson (WR- Georgia Tech)
Initially, many people believed the Lions would take Joe Thomas with this pick, but after trading Dre’ Bly to Denver for OT George Foster and RB Tatum Bell, the Lions addressed their need at Offensive Tackle. Some people have started putting Brady Quinn here at this pick, but the system that Mike Martz runs is even more complicated than what Brady Quinn ran under Charlie Weis and would set the Lions back even further. The Lions would be best served to trade down and acquire more picks, as they have plenty of holes to fill, but if stuck at #2, you need to draft the best player available, and even though this would be the Lions 4th Wide Receiver drafted in the past 5 seasons in Round 1, this IS the best player in the draft, PERIOD. Any player with Johnson’s size (6’5″ 238 lbs.) who can run a sub 4.4 40-yd dash is great, combine that with his route running and superior ability to catch anything in sight, makes it even better. Anyone who is compared to Randy Moss coming out of college without the baggage, is a godsend!

Pick 3: Cleveland Browns — Joe Thomas (OT- Wisconsin)
So this is the pick where it gets interesting. Cleveland could go three different ways with this pick since there are needs at QB, RB, & OT. Which means, Brady Quinn, Adrian Peterson, or Joe Thomas. Since the Browns signed Jamal Lewis this off-season, that makes drafting Adrian Peterson less of a necessity. Then it comes down to Quinn & Thomas. Thomas is one of the most athletically gifted offensive lineman to come into the draft since Jonathan Ogden and would help bring complete stability to an offensive line that will include LeCharles Bentley and Eric Steinbach. Quinn wouldn’t be a bad choice here either, but I still think that until Cleveland puts together a good offensive line, NO QB can succeed in Cleveland, thus making Thomas the pick here at #3.

Pick 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Amobi Okoye (DT- Louisville)
This is probably the surprise pick of the top 10, but considering Gruden misses out on two guys he was really hoping for in Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas, he scrambles to make a pick to address the need of Defensive Line. Okoye, keep in mind, is only 19 years old and has major upside to go along with a lot of talent. At 6’2″ 302 lbs, some people feel he could be the next Warren Sapp in Tampa. He has a great motor and what may not look like a good pick on the surface, at pick #4, Okoye could pan out very well in upcoming years.

Pick 5: Arizona Cardinals — Jamaal Anderson (DE- Arkansas)
Another situation in which Arizona was hoping for Joe Thomas to fall into their laps to replace Leonard Davis who left for Dallas. Jamaal is probably the best pure pass rusher in this draft, combining a rare blend of power and speed. At 6’5″ 288 lbs and a 4.75 40 yd time, he may be the most athletically gifted defensive lineman in the draft. The only problem with Anderson is that he is still somewhat raw and needs a little bit more time to develop his skills. While he may not be an every down lineman as a rookie, his talents should allow him to become an upper-echelon lineman in the very near future and would be a nice pick to help Arizona improve its pass rush.

Pick 6: Washington Redskins — Gaines Adams (DE- Clemson)
Pick 5 and Pick 6 could be flipped flopped as Gaines Adams is probably a close second in my opinion at defensive end to Jamaal Anderson due to size. Gaines Adams is a tad undersized at 6’4″ 258 lbs. However, he does run a 4.64 40 yd. dash which could make up for his lack of size. Gaines has a motor that never quits running and is definitely a solid pick who should help Washington improve its defensive line and pass rush almost instantly. I personally believe Adams would be better suited in a 3-4 system that allows him to do what Shawne Merriman and DeMarcus Ware are doing for the respective teams, but he definitely has the ability to rush the QB much like a Robert Mathis from Indianapolis.

Pick 7: Minnesota Vikings — Brady Quinn (QB- Notre Dame)
Brady Quinn being passed over at picks #2 and 3 put him into a slight slide much like Leinart falling to #10 last season, but this is definitely great news for Vikings fans as they get a potential franchise QB to fall right into their laps. Let’s face it, Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger are NOT the answer at QB for this franchise and this is one of the better situations for Quinn to fall into. A team with a solid offensive line to protect him and a decent core of receivers and backs to get the ball to. While the Vikings DO need help on the defensive side of the ball, they cannot pass up Quinn with this pick in the draft.

Pick 8: Atlanta Falcons (via HOU) — LaRon Landry (S- LSU)
Atlanta has been eying Landry for quite some time and will be more than happy to take him here at #8. They need help on the defensive side of the ball if they expect to compete for a playoff spot and he is one man who will be able to step in and start from day one. One could say “hey, Adrian Peterson is still on the board, why not draft him here?” While I agree with the statement since Dunn is in the twilight of his career and Norwood is more of a 3rd down, situational back rather than a feature back, but I believe Petrino made the trade of Schuab to get the extra 2nd round pick and take former Louisville RB Michael Bush. So Landry stays here at #8.

Pick 9: Miami Dolphins — Alan Branch (DT- Michigan)
Miami has some holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball due to age. The Dolphins have the oldest defensive line in the NFL and Branch would bring some youth and a big anchor on the defensive line. At 6’6″ 324 lbs, he may not have dominated in college as much as scouts would have liked, but he is still a man child and can wreak havoc in any offensive backfield. Miami could also go with a wide receiver such as Ted Ginn Jr. here or an offensive lineman like Levi Brown, but in the end will take Branch.

Pick 10: Houston Texas (via ATL) — Adrian Peterson (RB- Oklahoma)
Many people say Houston made a HUGE mistake last year passing on Reggie Bush for Mario Williams (I still think Mario will be better than Bush over time), but because of this, I don’t see the Texans front office passing on a back who has fallen into their laps here at #10. Adrian Peterson is the most talented #10 pick you will ever see and Houston is lucky that Cleveland passed on him at #3 and the teams in front of them didn’t need a RB. Sure, Houston just signed Ahman Green and have some running backs, but none come close to the talent of A.P. Levi Brown wouldn’t be a bad pick for Houston here either and I would recommend the Texans get him if A.P. is not here at this pick. But if Houston passes up on a back who is 6’1″ 220 lbs and runs a 4.4 40 yd. dash, then the Houston management gets my vote for dumbest management in the history of a sports team, PERIOD!

That’s all for the top 10, stayed tuned for picks 11-20 and picks 21-32. As always, any questions, comments, and feedback are welcome! Send e-mails to

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