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Tuesday Tidbits

Posted by Matt on April 10, 2007

Alliteration makes blogging fun!…

  • is reporting that, to no surprise to us, Texas Longhorn Kevin Durant will forgo his last three seasons of collegiate eligibility and declare himself eligible for the NBA draft after only one season at the University of Texas. Durant was an almost unanimous Player-of-the-Year award winner but unfortunately he played for Rick Barnes and the Longhorns seemingly unachieved in the NCAA Tournament. That is the problem with the “one hit wonders” thanks to the new NBA rule, there is little possibility of building your team around a Durant or Oden through their Junior seasons and if you hit an unlucky streak in the tournament thanks to college basketball’s parity, you really have nothing to show from the superstar. However, I understand that the money in the NBA, especially if you are a lottery pick, is just to lucrative to pass up and I don’t blame them. Put 7-figure numbers in front of me and I’ll gladly forgo my last semester of college and turn pro in something.
  • Former Wichita State Shockers coach Mark Turgeon has been named the new head coach at Texas A&M after we happily stole Billy G. away from them. The Shockers started out last season 8-0 before sleeping through conference play to finish at 17-14, 8-10 in the MVC. I feel like the Aggies could have went with a stronger candidate here, especially as it seems the search did not last that long at all. I think, had they tried, that they could’ve gone after a more proven head coach from a lesser conference such as a David Rose from Brigham Young, a Lon Kruger from University of Nevada-Las Vegas, or an Anthony Grant from Virginia Commonwealth, who was getting rave reviews after the tournament his year. I guess when you are a football school, you have no problems trying cultivate lower end basketball coaches, hoping to find a diamond in the rough.
  • Atlanta Brave’s pitcher, and former superstar, Mike Hampton will miss the entire 2007 season due to injury, just as he did for the entire 2006 season, and the 2005 season after appearing in only 12 games. Hampton will earn $15,475,185 to rehab, which is a pretty nice coin purse to workout each day. After the 2004 season, Hampton had double-digit wins in 8 of his past 9 seasons dating back to 1996 and looked to be a shoe-in for 200 career wins. That memory has since faded, proving that once pitchers get the injury bug, its tough to shake (see Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, among others). Mike will be 35 before he ever takes the mound as a Major Leaguer again, and unless your name is Clemens, Johnson, Schilling, Glavine, Smoltz, or Maddux, you are probably past your prime as a Major League pitcher once you get to the mid-to-late 30s range.

Thats all at the moment, hopefully more to come later in the day including some Fantasy Baseball stuff.

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