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The Only Things You Need To Know About Billy G.

Posted by Matt on April 9, 2007

All of those whispers leading up to the hiring of a new head coach at the University of Kentucky, you thought you were hearing “Billy D., Billy D.,” but you were actually hearing “Billy G., Billy G.” Billy Gillispie is the man for the job, and actually whether we think so or not, he is still the man for the job, in fact $2.3 million dollars a year for seven years worth of being the man for the job. Thus, if you are still skeptical about the hiring of Coach Gillispie, or your name is C.M. Newton, here is all you need to know about Billy Gillispie as a head coach:

  • He is 2-0 in Rupp Arena
  • He is 1-0 against Rick Pitino

That is all.


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