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Monday Morning Coming Down

Posted by Matt on April 9, 2007


I spent the entire weekend in chilly Washington, D.C. and the weather could not have been nicer for my return trip to our Nation’s Capital in ten years. However, I had the pleasure of seeing Doug E. Fresh perform “Let Me Clear My Throat” live in front of the Washington Monument, so that made it all worth while. Anyways, on to Monday’s news and notes…

  • First and foremost, who is Zach Johnson? Zach vaulted to the top of the leaderboard on Sunday at The Master’s to win by two strokes in course conditions that, for my money, were the toughest that they have been in over ten years as Zach’s score of +1 for the tournament is the highest since 1956. Remember, Tiger won this tournament at 18-under par in 1997, yet there wasn’t a single player under par in this entire tournament. I am a Tiger homer and I’d just assume he win every single tournament, however, I was happy for this youngster to pull it out with an amazing 69 on Sunday and understand, the winner of The Master’s has come from the final pairing in every tournament since 1991. This is truly a life changing event for Zach. He is instantly a millionaire ($1,305,000 to be exact), becomes a household name in the golf community overnight, and now has multiple exemptions to future Major Tournaments, including a lifetime invitation to The Master’s. I decided to read a little more about Mr. Johnson, and obviously hindsight is 20/20, however I feel, after reading further, that Zach was on the cusp of exploding, it was just a matter of when and where. He had two wins and a record $494,882 in earnings in 2003 on the Nationwide Tour, he went on to win the BellSouth Classic in 2004, he was named to the 2006 Ryder Cup Team after finishing 9th in points, and has had several close calls in the past two years in big tournaments such as the World Golf Championships. At 31, he was ready to take the next step, and on Sunday, he did.
  • The Billy Gillispie Hire: Of course, every talking head and crazed fan has weighed in on the Billy Gillispie hire, and from what I understand, former University of Kentucky Athletic Director C.M. Newton is the only one really saying anything negative about it. I had the luxury of watching the entire press conference live on television while I was on the East Coast and I truly think Billy knocked one out of the ball park during his first test. I have talked with many on campus already, and the same word keeps coming up for the new regime, “excitement.” Fans are excited again about Kentucky Basketball, which is a great thing, and the current players and recruits have seem to pick up on that excitement already. No more are there any rumors about any current players transferring and all of the sudden we are back in the mix for Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson. I won’t spend much time on this topic but the one note I wanted to make was during the press conference, Coach Gillispie was asked to answer questions about his style of play. He went on to say that he loves the full court press and he loves to run in transition. He added, however, that his players will dictate the style of play and what position they play based on their skills and talents. Coach Gillispie had me right there. I feel that this is one area in which Coach Smith was not strong in and that was changing his style to suit his players’, it was more his way or the highway and Tubby played a very slow, defensive oriented, half court offense style of game that some kids found boring in this day and age (note this is NOT a Tubby bash as I was one of the longest, most dedicated “Tubbites” around). On top of Coach Gillispie’s undeniable recruiting prowess, it seems as if he’ll play a style of play the kids will enjoy and the recruits will want to play, and that can only be a positive.
  • The Cincinnati Reds took 2 of 3 from the Pirates over the weekend and Adam Dunn hit his third home run of the year thanks to a botched routine fly ball by Xavier “Jose Canseco” Nady. If the season were to end right now, the Reds would be playoff bound, but then again they’ve only played 6 games, or 3.7% of the season so I’ll hold off on the purchasing of the 2007 World Series tickets at the moment.

That is all for now, I hope to have some news about the site later in the day.


2 Responses to “Monday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Brian said

    At least it wasn’t Justin Rose. Man, that guy sounded like such a prick after the 1st round. “Yeah, I played probably the best golf ever. I mean, did you see me? Only 20 putts? God damn, it hurts to be so good. Tiger Woods? Pfffbbbt. He’s got no chance. I mean, seriously, did you SEE ME out there? It was like Jesus came down from heaven to guide my hand. Hell, if Jesus himself were here and playing in this tournament, I’d still beat him. I am that freaking awesome. I might try playing left-handed tomorrow, to give the rest of the field some false hope. Or maybe I’ll play drunk. Or both! Who cares! I’m Justin Freaking Rose!”

  2. Matt said

    Very true, I predicted a post-Tiger Third Round collapse for everyone above him on the leader board after he clocked in at +3 on Saturday, and more or less it happened, Justin Rose included at some point I believe. Either way, that was Tiger’s tournament to lose and for some reason he did, I guess that whole issue of his baby being born U.S. Open weekend and what he would do if he were in the hunt for the Grand Slam is now a non-issue.

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