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Donovan’s Mistake

Posted by Matt on April 6, 2007


I realize that the other Billy, Billy Gillispie, has already been named the head coach of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, however, Billy Donovan made a big mistake in turning down our offer. Billy D. smited the basketball Gods and turned down the ‘Roman Empire’ of collegiate basketball. It is like turning down the New York Yankees’ or Los Angeles Lakers’ managerial positions, it just doesn’t happen. Kentucky has a brand new $30 million dollar practice facility that is unmatched and fan support that is unprecendented. The Gators can’t even sell out an arena half the size of Rupp Arena for all of Florida’s non-conference games, it is a football school.

The University of Florida is a football school and Florida is a football state from the high school level to the professionals. The state of Kentucky lives and breaths Wildcat basketball and Donovan squandered his only chance to be the general of college basketball’s greatest army. I realize all of the reasons to stay, but what happened to striving for the top of one’s profession? The pinnacle, it would seem, would be the University of Kentucky. He was an assistant at Kentucky for five years, Kentucky has unmatched facilities, resources, and fans and no longer would he be playing second fiddle to a football program. Not to mention a substantial pay raise to entice the move.

Donovan has made a huge mistake. An opportunity to coach a Kentucky, or a Duke, or a North Carolina comes only once in a lifetime and may he forever regret his decision. He has nothing left to prove at Florida, he has been there for eleven years, and as seen with Tubby, sometimes its just time to go and not to mention the fact that he is losing the majority of his team as Horford, Noah, Green, and Brewer are all going to the NBA and Richards and Humphrey will be graduating and moving on. They will not be much better than mediocre next season as they have a lot to replace, now was the time to get out while the getting was good.

He built a program at Florida and could have left on top and left a lasting legacy, instead, he chose to stay and pass on an opportunity he’ll never see again. So thanks for nothing, Billy Donovan, and I hope you are happy in your mistake, forever eating Urban Meyer’s table scraps. Of course, you could always further this mistake and bolt for “The League” just as your pal Ricky P. did, only to come crawling back to the bastard cousin of Florida to coach the Miami Hurricanes for the remainder of your career, just as Pitino did in going to Louisville. Now that, my friend, would be the icing on the cake.


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