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Lessons from the Game: Reds vs. Cubs 04-04-2007

Posted by Charlie Hustle on April 4, 2007

Lessons from the Game:

Thom Brennamen and especially Jeff Brantley are CLEARLY superior announcers to Grande and Welsh. However, this doesn’t necessarily make the games more or less enjoyable. When the Reds fuck everything up like they did tonight, Reds fans need something to laugh at. A Grande/Welsh blunder on-air is often just as good as a Donkey or Griffey home run.

There aren’t enough Dick Pole jokes to go around.

Adam Dunn has the same – I repeat – the same fucking swing. Nothing is different. Trust me.

Skyline won the commercial battle but JTM is clearly a worthy foe. Goldstar has been sent back to AAA Louisville.

The Reds still live and die by the home run. If it’s 30 degrees, they have no hope.

Jerry Narron sucks. Period. At least we had an excuse for poor management when Jack McKeon would be shown sleeping in the dugout.

… and last but not least….Wayne Krivsky and the rest of the Reds management is just simply cheap. Nobody is asking them to spend $160 million on JoeBoo Soriano. But it would be much appreciated for the Reds to keep “glue” guys like Casey, Aurilia, or Kearns. I don’t care what anybody says, Krivsky isn’t “smart” with money when we have Jeff Conine starting at 1B and batting 6th. I will not argue about this.

That’s all for tonight. And just remember…. Get lost in the taste, the mouth watering taste… of GoldStar Chili!


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