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Dear Rick Pitino

Posted by Matt on April 4, 2007


Dear Rick Pitino,

I would like to take the time to thank-you for publicly removing your name from the search for the new University of Kentucky head basketball coach a few days ago. This is convenient considering I don’t ever remember asking you to come back. I realize its tough working for the bastard cousin of the greatest basketball program in the history of basketball and I realize its hard not having the limelight glisten off of your slicked back hairdo like it did in Boston, but sometimes you just have to move on. You say that Louisville is family, and you would never leave, but truth be told we all know the only reason you came to Louisville was to try and get as close to what you once had here in Lexington, Kentucky. I liken it to when someone splits with their girlfriend but then they become the over obsessed ex-boyfriend and move in real close, talk to all of her friends, and do things in public to get her attention, yeah, thats what you’ve become Ricky. I guess an early exit from the tournament in front of a hometown crowd wasn’t enough publicity for you, you had to call a press conference just to say…nothing. No coaching changes, nobody is leaving, nothing, you just enjoy that microphone don’t you? Well, again, I appreciate you stating the obvious so that we didn’t have to because, again, we never asked you to come back. You’ll be on your hands and knees begging for our forgiveness long before we’re begging for yours. Good luck next season and enjoy being the #2 team in the state of Kentucky.

Yours Truly,

Loathing in Lexington

P.S. But I think all would be forgiven if you did return…


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