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Bengals Start Spring Practice, Cincinnati Police Doubles Force

Posted by Matt on April 3, 2007


Monday didn’t only mark one Opening Day, but two. On a day where most Cincinnatians are taking in the festivities of baseball’s grandest Opening Day, the Bengals took part in their first practices of the Spring season, and on the healthy knees of Carson Palmer. I, for one, feel that the biggest challenge for the Bengals in the off-season are problems that occur off of the field. The number of players that have been in trouble with the law is approaching 10, and that isn’t healthy for any squad. The talent is in place and Marvin Lewis is about to enter his fifth season as head coach, it is time to turn the corner. Seasons ending in 8-8, as three of the last four have, are no longer acceptable. Marvin Lewis has turned the attitude and atmosphere in Cincinnati around from being lovable losers to should-be playoff contenders, it is time to deal with, and meet, those expectations.


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