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An Open Letter To All Major League Pitchers:

Posted by Matt on April 3, 2007


An open letter to all major league pitchers:

Walk Barry Bonds.

Please, I am begging you, everytime he comes to the plate, walk him. Better yet, hit him with the pitch (somewhere non-lethal of course) and hopefully he will get tired of getting pegged and he’ll retire. We have all seen the comparisons, Pirates’ Barry versus Giants’ Barry; one is a kid who looks like he needs a sandwich, the other is a huge muscle mass who’s ego has outgrown the game.

Please, walk him.

I realize age takes its toll on a body, and some people gain weight, but they gain weight and not muscle mass. I have never seen a “manopause” in any male in which the slowing of the metabolism involved a healthy, “natural” dose of HGH or anabolic steroids. Also, do not give me any lip about how steroids doesn’t make someone a better player because it doesn’t help them “see the ball any better.” Spare me. Steroids, and the like, turn routine fly ball outs into 10th row shots in to the “Budweiser Party Deck.” Don’t tell me it doesn’t make you better because I already know that it doesn’t make you better, it makes your stats better. Certain supplements have now been banned by Major League Baseball and some are even illegal in the court of law. It is no longer about wins and losses its about ethics, and keeping Barry from reaching 755. I know I may take a hard line on some topics, and quite frankly I don’t care. If Barry gets walked every single at bat and breaks all of the base-on-balls records, that is fine by me.

Please walk Barry Bonds. I am turning this ‘open letter’ in to a petition, so use the comments to sign on if you think pitchers in the MLB should walk Barry Bonds as much as humanly possible to preserve Ole’ Hammerin’ Hank’s record.

3 Responses to “An Open Letter To All Major League Pitchers:”

  1. grg said

    heh heh…..don’t hit him in the backside, it’s going to be sore from injections…


  2. sam said

    i concur

  3. steven Detwiler said

    barry bonds is a cancer to the game of baseball. he cheats in the game and how can his head grow 4 sizes?

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